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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002358 1 Plug-in > clangfeatureassigned (virgile)2018-02-08predicate argument type "struct S" accepted by Frama-C, but not by Frama-clang
  000235022 Plug-in > clangminoracknowledged (virgile)2018-02-08kernel warns about invalid implicit conversion
  000235511 Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-02-05Alt-Ergo reports about " bool and int cannot be unified"
  0002352 1 Plug-in > clangcrashassigned (virgile)2018-01-31Frama-Clang crashes on error in contract
  000235111 Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-01-31no diagnostics on wrong keyword
  000234912 Plug-in > clangfeatureconfirmed (virgile)2018-01-31warning from kernel about exceptions
  000234812 Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-01-30unknown variable in contract is not treated as an error
  000234713 Plug-in > clangcrashassigned (virgile)2018-01-23direct initialisation of bool by nullptr
  0002346 2 Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-01-19C++11 delegating constructor not supported
  0002345 1 Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-01-19range based for loop from C++11 not supported
  000234221 Plug-in > clangminorconfirmed (virgile)2018-01-18std::bad_alloc not supported
  00014312   Graphical User Interfacefeatureconfirmed (maroneze)2018-01-12How to use the "Callers ..." context menu item
  00009454   Plug-in > Evaminorassigned (maroneze)2017-12-17Should warn for overlapping lv=lv; assignments
  000225411 Plug-in > Evaminorassigned (maroneze)2017-12-17Option "-lib-entry" results misses possible values of function pointers
  000225641 Plug-in > Evaminorassigned (maroneze)2017-12-17"pointer comparison" warning emitted for "p==NULL"
  00021668   Plug-in > Evaminorassigned (buhler)2017-12-17Substraction results in unknown values
  000230621 Kernelminorassigned (maroneze)2017-12-17Support for flexible array members
  00022763   Graphical User Interfacetweakacknowledged (maroneze)2017-11-27Duplicates are created on the tab "Messages"
  000230121 Plug-in > wpcrashassigned (correnson)2017-07-21statement contract apparently confuses parser
  0002317    Documentation > manualstextassigned (correnson)2017-07-19Statement contracts and WP
  0002316 1 Plug-in > pathcrawlerminorassigned (nicky)2017-07-07Instrumentation Failure Error in Online Pathcrawler
  00023131   Documentation > manualstextassigned (correnson)2017-06-23suggestions for improvement of Sect.3.6 and 3.7 of the wp manual
  000231211 Plug-in > wptweakassigned (correnson)2017-06-15false postcondition shouldn't be verified in default memory-model setting
  0002311 1 Plug-in > wptextassigned (correnson)2017-06-15poor errors message texts for Hoare memory model checks
  0002309 1 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-06-01naming the default behavior influences proven obligations
  0002308 1 Plug-in > wpfeatureassigned (correnson)2017-06-01suggest to check (loop) assigns clauses by data flow analysis
  000230752 Kernelminorassigned (virgile)2017-05-31preprocessor fail: unterminated comment
  000229822 Plug-in > wpcrashassigned (correnson)2017-05-11"loop assigns" clause ignored in presence of "for"-prefixed clauses
  0002299 1 Plug-in > wpblockassigned (correnson)2017-05-10Some ACSL mathematical functions crash WP
  0002296 1 Plug-in > wpfeatureassigned (correnson)2017-05-08axiom about bounds of lsl result needed in the long run
  0002293 3 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-03-16Frama-C gives succeeding lemma, rather than preceding lemmas, as hypothesis to e.g. Cvc4
  000229217 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-03-16signature axiom omitted in Coq and Alt-ergo translation
  00017611   Kernel > ACSL implementationmajorassigned (virgile)2017-03-14Check that all occurrences of *p in assigns are guarded by a \valid(p) in requires
  000062811 Plug-in > jessieminorassigned (cmarche)2017-03-14Frama-C/Jessie does not recognize the length of array in struct
  000229113 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-03-13suggestion: translate axioms and implication premises in forward order to coq
  0002289    Plug-in > wpfeatureassigned (correnson)2017-03-01Why3ide cannot be opened in this version
  000228614 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-02-27lemma tacitly omitted from prover assumptions
  0002282 2 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-02-16applicability of Coq proof script depends on order of include files
  0002280 1 Plug-in > wptweakassigned (correnson)2017-02-14Frama-C sleeps too much when discharging trivial goals
  000227812 Plug-in > wpminoracknowledged (correnson)2017-02-06problem with Qed's simplification power
  000227556 Plug-in > wpminorconfirmed (correnson)2017-02-03translation to why3 of int* argument to logic function
  00022741   Kerneltweakconfirmed (maroneze)2017-01-24It is impossble to change log file without kinds of message changing.
  000227221 Kernelminorassigned (virgile)2017-01-16WP appears to assume left-to-right evaluation order for int addition
  000226411 Kernel > ACSL implementationmajorassigned (virgile)2017-01-04structure in logic not supported?
  0002266    Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2017-01-02WP inserts unwanted new lines into Coq proofs
  0002265 1 Kernel > ACSL implementationminorassigned (virgile)2017-01-02label Pre in function contracts
  00022631   Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2016-12-16Why3 warning
  000226231 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2016-12-16more prover processes run than expected
  00022618   Plug-in > wpminorassigned (virgile)2016-12-16wp: the example from Getting Started guide doesn't work (all goals are Unknown)
  000224821 Kerneltextassigned (virgile)2016-12-08option "-print" prints array upper bound in type before parameter name, rather than after it
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