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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002244 1 Plug-in > wpmajorassigned (correnson)2016-08-08Logic with read clauses can have their values invalidated by writes to separated memory locations
  00007728   Plug-in > Evatweakclosed (yakobowski)2016-08-02Incorrect location of warnings emitted by value analysis
  0002241 1 Plug-in > wpmajorassigned (correnson)2016-07-29Implicit casting from integer to real causes failure in WP proof generation
  00022122   Documentation > ACSLmajorclosed (patrick)2016-07-22Error in use of polyId in the 1.10 grammar
  00022385   Kernelminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-07-11Ocamlfind cannod be found
  00009368   Kernelminorclosed (virgile)2016-07-05Cil does not reject incorrect initializers
  000147911 Kernel > ACSL implementationfeatureclosed (pascal)2016-07-05No convenient way to specify shared library functions as assigns clauses
  00016743   Plug-in > Evatweakclosed (yakobowski)2016-07-05Log message when plevel is used in logic needed
  000136851 Kerneltextclosed (valentin.perrelle)2016-07-05suggest to suppress "Neither code nor specification" warning for __builtin_va_start
  00016983   Documentation > ACSLtextclosed (patrick)2016-06-22Add remark about additional axioms for read clauses
  0002234    Plug-in > wpmajorassigned (correnson)2016-06-21Creating a pointer to a local causes valid pointers above it to lose thier valid status
  00012786   Kernel > Makefiletweakassigned (bobot)2016-06-21Path for 'make install-doc-code' for external plug-in
  00021621   Kernel > Makefileminorassigned (bobot)2016-06-21Compilation of kernel native cmx is messed up with plugin makefile
  00021632   Kernelfeatureassigned (bobot)2016-06-21Namespace through packs - packing frama-c cmx into a cmxa
  000136731 Documentation > ACSLtextclosed (yakobowski)2016-06-21suggest to mention in acsl manual that \valid shouldn't be applied to function pointers
  00013352   Documentationminorclosed (patrick)2016-06-21new link to ACSL by Example
  00013341   Documentationtextclosed (patrick)2016-06-21Fraunhofer FIRST -> Fraunhofer FOKUS
  00010855   Documentationminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Cute boolean options too cute for their own good
  00010143   Documentationminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21gui and doc
  00007782   Documentationblockclosed (monate)2016-06-21cannot deal with many files
  00007572   Documentationtweakclosed (signoles)2016-06-21mismatch between configure check and INSTALL requirements for ocamlgraph version
  000063123 Documentationminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Patch for Cross Compiling OCaml-3.12.0(for arm-linux)
  00005951   Documentationminorclosed (virgile)2016-06-21Implementation <-> Documentation Inconsistency
  00005541   Documentationtrivialclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Logic_utils and Logic_const documentation ...
  00004742   Documentationminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Multiple definition of function iter_stmt
  00003391   Documentationtextclosed (signoles)2016-06-21wrong option name in Jessie Plugin Tutorial
  00002261   Documentationminorclosed (correnson)2016-06-21Generattion of documentation fails due to missing toc_head.htm and toc_tail.htm
  00001706   Documentation > manualsmajorclosed (correnson)2016-06-21Impossible to pass option to jessie or why through jessie plugin
  00016204   Documentation > manualsmajorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21RTE - Documentation on Unary Minus
  000109211 Documentation > manualstextclosed (pascal)2016-06-21some typos etc. in the value-analysis manual
  000108931 Documentation > manualsminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Updated example in plugin-development-guide
  00010881   Documentation > manualsminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Plugin-development-guide section 2.1.2
  000106761 Documentation > manualstrivialclosed (pascal)2016-06-21suggest to mention option "-value-help" in value analysis manual
  00010364   Documentation > manualsfeatureclosed (signoles)2016-06-21In section 5.11.5 of the Plugin developper manual : Reference to modules that neither appear in the API nor in Frama-c source.
  00009911   Documentation > manualstextclosed (virgile)2016-06-21outdated manual titles
  00008842   Documentation > manualstextclosed (signoles)2016-06-21wrong figure reference in plugin development guide
  00008214   Documentation > manualsminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Wrong module name for the function prepareCFG and computeCFGInfo in the Frama-C Carbon html API.
  00004192   Documentation > manualstextclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Plug-in dev guide: tutorial for kernel integrated plug-in is out-of-date
  0000365    Documentation > manualsminorclosed (cmarche)2016-06-21Jessie tutorial binary_search examples fail with Why 2.23 - loop variant must be added
  00017322   Documentation > manualstextclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Erreur dans la documentation pour plugin erreur de type
  00017314   Documentationtextclosed (signoles)2016-06-21Erreur dans la documentation pour plugin contradiction sur nom de fichiers
  00018223   Documentation > manualsminorclosed (bobot)2016-06-21Manuals are not in the distribution
  00019792   Documentation > manualsminorclosed (Matthieu Lemerre)2016-06-21Bug in example - plugin documentation
  00017821   Documentation > manualstrivialclosed (signoles)2016-06-21wrong link in e-acsl documentation
  00021981   Documentationminorassigned (correnson)2016-06-21typo in output of 'frama-c -wp-help'
  000177110   Documentationminorclosed (correnson)2016-06-21quality of pdf files
  00022041   Documentationminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21provide "Magnesium" product version in the BTS
  000218311 Documentation > ACSLtrivialclosed (maroneze)2016-06-21doubling of a word
  00021642   Kernel > Makefilefeatureclosed (yakobowski)2016-06-21Relocable buckx
  000215911 Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2016-06-21alt-ergo: undefined symbol andb
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