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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000177110   Documentationminorclosed (correnson)2016-06-21quality of pdf files
  00022041   Documentationminorclosed (signoles)2016-06-21provide "Magnesium" product version in the BTS
  000216181 Kernelminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-02-03redefinition of __STDC_VERSION__
  000209852 Kernel > ACSL implementationmajorclosed (virgile)2016-01-26overloading of predicate fails
  00021198   Kernelminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26"If" statement with only one successor
  000218421 Plug-in > wpfeatureclosed (signoles)2016-01-26memory leak (endless recursion?) caused by erroneous c program
  00021712   Kernel > libcminorclosed (maroneze)2016-01-26redefinition of size_t, time_t, FILE
  00021314   Kernelminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26Error with casted ternary statements
  000193931 Kernel > libcfeatureclosed (maroneze)2016-01-26Specification of the read function
  00021442   Plug-in > wpcrashclosed (correnson)2016-01-26crash in presence of \result in assigns
  00010222   Documentation > ACSLtextclosed (patrick)2016-01-26suggest to explain semantics of missing loop assigns clause in Acsl manual
  00008765   Plug-in > Evaminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26Widen hints for a variable should not influence the values for other variables
  000204021 Plug-in > wpmajorclosed (correnson)2016-01-26assumes clause and labels
  00020211   Documentation > ACSLminorclosed (patrick)2016-01-26Incorrect grammar for loop-behavior in document
  00015534   Kernel > ACSL implementationminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26Fails to cope with multiple non-contiguous constant array instantiations
  00021411   Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2016-01-26Incorrect result with X modulo 1
  00021153   Documentation > ACSLminorclosed (patrick)2016-01-26Typos and Grammatical corrections for the ACSL 1.9 manual
  00021142   Documentation > ACSLminorclosed (patrick)2016-01-26ACSL manual:issues affecting technical correctness or understanding
  00020823   Plug-in > wpcrashclosed (correnson)2016-01-26Crash with \is_infinite
  00021432   Documentation > ACSLminorclosed (patrick)2016-01-26Incorrect grammar of Predicate Application and Function Application
  00016833   Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2016-01-26Number of discharged Qed goals counted multiple times
  000207821 Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2016-01-26use of void* leads to type error in the PO generation
  00020901   Kernelminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26unary negation of enum constant always yield 0
  00021211   Kernelminorclosed (bobot)2016-01-26Symbolic links in tar ball
  00021171   Kernelminorclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26frama-c gets confused by comma operator inside ternary operator: cannot cast from void to char
  000212711 Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2016-01-26Unprovable inequality involving (unsigned) -1
  00021261   Plug-in > wpmajorclosed (correnson)2016-01-26WP crashes on generation of PO for assigns clause (assertion failure in
  000087551 Plug-in > Evafeatureclosed (yakobowski)2016-01-26suggest to issue a warning on (<)-comparisons between pointers, unless both are non-null


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