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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000213782 Plug-in > Evaminorclosed (yakobowski)2017-06-15value analysis introduces weird pointer assert with variable length arrays
  0001740 1 Plug-in > E-ACSLmajorclosed (signoles)2017-05-31Incorrectness when early exiting a block
  000073351 Plug-in > inoutminorclosed (yakobowski)2017-05-31Invalid results in presence of pseudo-recursive calls in inout and from
  00022793   Plug-in > Evatweakclosed (yakobowski)2017-05-31EVA analysis does not start with click on "Execution" button.
  000227771 Plug-in > Evamajorclosed (yakobowski)2017-05-31Operability depends on the order of options changes
   0002269    Plug-in > obfuscatortextclosed (signoles)2017-05-31There is a typo in description of plug-in: "objuscator" instead of "obfuscator".
  0002252 1 Plug-in > E-ACSLminorclosed (signoles)2017-05-31GMP typing issue
  00022353   Kernelcrashclosed (virgile)2017-05-31Functions that claim to return a struct but don't cause a crash
  0002284 1 Plug-in > E-ACSLcrashclosed (signoles)2017-05-31E-ACSL type system crash
  00022832   Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2017-05-31type of float parameter changed unexpectedly to double


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