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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000084061 Kerneltextclosed (virgile)2014-02-12syntax error message refers to (true error line + 5 lines)
  00012262   Kernelminorclosed (virgile)2014-02-12error with -pp-annot : eof while parsing C comment
  00011222   Graphical User Interfaceminorclosed (signoles)2014-02-12Opening consolidation graph crashes when 'dot' is missing
  000093241 Kerneltweakclosed (signoles)2014-02-12Journalisation of dynamic functions using abstract types does not work
  00012543   Kernelminorclosed (signoles)2014-02-12Documentation for Cil.d_plaininit
  00010593   Kernelmajorclosed (virgile)2014-02-12Undefined behavior with embedded assignment goes undetected
  000110431 Graphical User Interfaceminorclosed (yakobowski)2014-02-12value analysis warning disappears from 'Messages' window in gui after 'Reparse' button clicked
  00010701   Kernel > configurefeatureclosed (virgile)2014-02-12Getting frama-c version through --enable-external
  00010001   Plug-in > Evacrashclosed (yakobowski)2014-02-12Evaluation in the logic can cause crashes
  000067913   Plug-in > slicingcrashclosed (Anne)2014-02-12untypable ACSL in a sliced program containing \at(p,label) when the label was removed
  00008882   Kernelminorclosed (virgile)2014-02-1214292: warn for unspecified side-effect that are separated by a function call (csmith)
  00011408   Kernelminorclosed (monate)2014-02-12Strange declaration mismatch
  00012612   Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2014-02-12Modules defined twice during WP compilation.
  000112813   Kernel > Makefilefeatureclosed (signoles)2014-02-12Install
  000127420   Kernelmajorclosed (yakobowski)2014-02-12Things get mixed-up between project
  000023931 Plug-in > jessieminorclosed (correnson)2013-03-27internal error when analyzing max.h
  00012652   Plug-in > jessieminorclosed (virgile)2013-03-27Function with name shift produces error
  0001251198 Plug-in > jessiemajorclosed (cmarche)2013-03-27Binary search doesn't verify anymore after upgrade
  000115851 Plug-in > jessiefeatureclosed (cmarche)2013-03-27inlining of assembleur is not supported
  000114971 Plug-in > jessieminorclosed (virgile)2013-03-27function names are restricted due to exclusion of ACSL keywords
  000100421 Plug-in > jessiemajorclosed (cmarche)2013-03-27Jessie reports syntax error in .mlw file
  0001003115 Plug-in > jessietweakclosed (cmarche)2013-03-27conditional expression (?:) raises uncaught exception under why-2.30
  000118210   Graphical User Interfaceminorclosed (monate)2013-01-25Project menu is empty when Ubuntu/Unity is enabled
  000111721 Plug-in > wptweakclosed (pherrmann)2012-11-06addr_eq versus = and <> in generated axioms access_update, access_update_neq
  00005941   Kernelminorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19Kernel error with RTE generated annotations: invalid operands (bitwise)
  00003842   Kernelminorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19Labels in loops are not unrolled
  00006852   Kernelfeatureclosed (virgile)2012-09-19CIL's added return masks issues
  000067221 Kernelcrashclosed (virgile)2012-09-19Incorrect cil merging in presence of ACSL annotations
  00008951   Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2012-09-19Proof obligations of lemma properties
  00007643   Kernelfeatureclosed (signoles)2012-09-19Specifying several directories in environment variables FRAMAC_*
  000100511 Kernelcrashclosed (virgile)2012-09-19defining two axioms with same name causes kernel crash
  00010012   Plug-in > Evamajorclosed (pascal)2012-09-19Invalid handling of shift of pointer address
  00009977   Plug-in > Evaminorclosed (yakobowski)2012-09-19Warnings in presence of Top floats
  00010212   Graphical User Interfaceminorclosed (yakobowski)2012-09-19request for pretty printing only one property by lines
  000101911 Kernel > ACSL implementationminorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19#defined variable unrecognized in assigns, except in parentheses
  00010137   Kernelcrashclosed (yakobowski)2012-09-19Crash when casting something to type void
  000102842 Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2012-09-19unable to prove that comparison-result is 0 or 1: insufficient axiomatization of eq_int_bool?
  00010261   Plug-in > Evamajorclosed (yakobowski)2012-09-19value analysis memory consumption problem when using -lib-entry option
  00010813   Kernelminorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19foo ? (void)x : (signed char)y (csmithreduction)
  000107631 Plug-in > Evaminorclosed (pascal)2012-09-19"volatile" ignored
  00010745   Plug-in > Evamajorclosed (pascal)2012-09-19Imprecise result on almost deterministic program
  00010835   Plug-in > RTEmajorclosed (pherrmann)2012-09-19RTE does not check for downcast of unsigned integer
  00011082   Plug-in > wpminorclosed (correnson)2012-09-19Bitwise Operators
  00011022   Graphical User Interfacetweakclosed (monate)2012-09-19Rename frama-c-gui.config
  00011412   Kernelminorclosed (monate)2012-09-19incorrect UINT8_MAX (and others)
  000116211 Kernel > ACSL implementationminorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19"for" clause is refused
  0001187123 Plug-in > aora├»minorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19state chart implemented in multiple files cannot be analysed by aorai
  000118011 Kernelminorclosed (signoles)2012-09-19Port to OCamlgraph 1.8.2
  00011783   Kernelmajorclosed (virgile)2012-09-19Several types for the same function
  000119481 Plug-in > scopeminorclosed (yakobowski)2012-09-19imprecision in PDG when unreachable statements
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