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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00024892   Kernel > libcminorconfirmed (maroneze)2020-01-15unistd.h declares __fc_ttyname but it has no definition
  000248621 Graphical User Interfacemajorassigned (correnson)2019-11-18Left pan (file tree and plugin views) inaccessible upon resize in frama-c-gui
  0002485 1 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2019-11-08-wp-out missing output for Why3 provers in Frama-C 20 beta
  0002484    Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2019-11-08alt-ergo support in Frama-C 20 beta
  0002483 1 Plug-in > wpminorassigned (correnson)2019-11-08Eprover in Frama-C 20 beta
  000248221 Plug-in > wpminorresolved (correnson)2019-10-22WP warning not clear
  000233011 Plug-in > wpminorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17known, but inferrable, yet not inferred, property not given as precodition to provers
  000148411 Plug-in > wpminorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17ill-typed alt-ergo proof obligation
   000237121 Plug-in > wpfeatureresolved (correnson)2019-10-17suggest to provide results of commandl-line "-wp-prop" evaluation in a file in the wp-out directory
  0002394 1 Plug-in > wpmajorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17conditional input annotations result in why3 type errors
  000240431 Plug-in > wpminoracknowledged (correnson)2019-10-17Shape of VC depends on selection of properties
  0002389172 Plug-in > wpcrashresolved (correnson)2019-10-17Failure to detect qed libraries when running wp
  000242751 Plug-in > wpminoracknowledged (correnson)2019-10-17Prove of \false
  0002420 1 Plug-in > wpcrashacknowledged (correnson)2019-10-17Wp crashes on a recursive function
  000233893 Plug-in > wpminorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17\false provable from recursive logic definition
  00024647   Opammajorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17Potassium does not install on the given Mac version from opam
  00018061   Plug-in > wpminorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17Error in coq code generated by wp
  000247131 Plug-in > wpmajorresolved (correnson)2019-10-17frama-c/wp generates invalid why3
  00024802   Plug-in > clangblockconfirmed (virgile)2019-10-06Syntax error in after running make
  00024691   Documentation > websiteminorresolved (virgile)2019-09-20wrong test path given in Compiling from source - Quick Start"
  00024743   Documentation > websiteminorassigned (bobot)2019-09-18Can't view publications on the wiki
  0002378115 ptestsminorresolved (maroneze)2019-09-12Bytecode only compilation fails when linking to stdlib
  00024663   Opamblockresolved (maroneze)2019-08-22Can't build from source using opam
  0002468113 Opammajorresolved (maroneze)2019-08-21opam fails to install frama-c
  000220031 Documentation > ACSLtextresolved (patrick)2019-07-17explicitly mention operator precedences when referring to Fig.2.1 "Grammar of terms" in the acsl-implementation manual
  00024502   Documentation > manualsminorresolved (patrick)2019-07-17formatting problem in acsl-implementation-18.0-Argon.pdf
  00024181   Documentation > manualstrivialresolved (signoles)2019-07-16Outdated -rte-all option in RTE manual
  00024631   Plug-in > clangmajorassigned (virgile)2019-07-08Error in frama-clang make file
  00024622   Plug-in > clangmajorassigned (virgile)2019-07-05frama-clang failed to install
  00024573   Kernel > configureminorassigned (virgile)2019-06-20configure does not detect gtksourceview due to wrong path
  00024581   Kernel > configureminorassigned (virgile)2019-06-20build failure due to mangled variable assignment in Makefile
  00024561   Kernel > Makefileminorassigned (bobot)2019-06-18Does not build with OCaml 4.08.0
  00024491   Documentation > websitetrivialconfirmed (virgile)2019-06-10invalid links to "ACSL by Example"
  00024481   Documentation > websiteminorassigned (bobot)2019-06-04frama-c installation needs dune > 1.5 package installed
  0002435 1 Kernelmajorassigned (virgile)2019-05-08kernel generates UnspecifiedSequence when 2 following ternary operators
  00023271   Plug-in > E-ACSLminorassigned (signoles)2019-01-25Failure to detect overflows into an allocated area within a struct
  0002194    Plug-in > E-ACSLminorassigned (signoles)2019-01-25Failure to record global variable with initialiser
  0002310 1 Plug-in > E-ACSLminorassigned (signoles)2019-01-25Incorrect handling of \initialized when initialized struct is passed to a function by value
  000242221 Plug-in > E-ACSLcrashconfirmed (signoles)2019-01-23Can't use e-acsl on a dynamic library containing all the instrumentations
  0002412101 Plug-in > E-ACSLcrashconfirmed (signoles)2018-12-17E-ACSL crash with RTE generated assertion with booleans
  0002419    Plug-in > RTEminorconfirmed (signoles)2018-12-17Missing cast in code generated by RTE
  000241741 Plug-in > E-ACSLmajorconfirmed (signoles)2018-12-12Invalid label with spaghetti code and E-ACSL full mmodel
  00024163   Plug-in > E-ACSLminoracknowledged (signoles)2018-12-11missing E-ACSL code, control flow graph, function pointer
  000241321 Plug-in > E-ACSLmajorconfirmed (signoles)2018-12-06missing E-ACSL code when ignoring asm annotation
  0001648    Kernelmajorassigned (maroneze)2018-11-30Wrong specification for standard library function memmove
  00024023   Plug-in > clangblockassigned (virgile)2018-10-03frama-clang fails to compile
  00023952   Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-09-07const fields in constructors
  00023971   Kernel > ACSL implementationfeatureassigned (virgile)2018-08-27Model Variables in Frama C
  0002396    Plug-in > clangminorassigned (virgile)2018-08-24cast error with reference fields
  0002376 1 Plug-in > jessiecrashassigned (cmarche)2018-05-29frama-c/jessie crashes with Unexpected error (Cil.SizeOfError("Undefined sizeof on a function.", _)).
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