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0000512Frama-CKernelpublic2014-02-12 16:55
Assigned Tovirgile 
Product VersionFrama-C Boron-20100401 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Carbon-20101201-beta1 
Summary0000512: suggest to refer to fct-contract's clauses-order in error message
DescriptionIf the clauses-order (specified in Fig.2.4 (p.27) of the document "ACSL Version 1.4 / Implementation in Boron-20100401") is violated by a program, the kernel just reports "user error: syntax error while parsing annotation". I suggest to replace that rather general message by a more specific like e.g. "decreases-clause after ensures-clauses not allowed in function contract".

Similarly, a message like "decreases-clause missing for recursive function" rather than tacitly generating an unsatisfiable proof goal "... ==> 0<0" would be helpful.
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virgile (developer)

the warning for missing decrease clause is specific to Jessie/Why. No clause is generated by the Jessie plugin itself. Thus Why should generate the warning (when in total mode).

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