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0002327Frama-CPlug-in > E-ACSLpublic2019-01-25 10:55
Assigned Tosignoles 
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Summary0002327: Failure to detect overflows into an allocated area within a struct
DescriptionPresently E-ACSL treats structs as single units of program allocation issuing one call to `store_block` per struct. Such an approach fails to detect overflows within structs. Consider, for instance, the following program:

int main() {
  struct node {
    char buf1[8];
    char buf2[8];
  } n;
  /*@assert manual_assertion: \valid(&n.buf1[12]); */
  n.buf1[12] = '0';
  return 0;

This program results in an overflow via assignment n.buf1[12] = '0'; that accesses buffer n.buf2 via n.buf1. However, since E-ACSL treats n as a single memory block the issue is not detected.

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