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0002213Frama-CPlug-in > E-ACSLpublic2017-01-18 15:09
ReporterGeorge Karpenkov 
Assigned Tosignoles 
Product VersionFrama-C Magnesium 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C 14-Silicon 
Summary0002213: Can't install E-ACSL plugin

Is E-ACSL 0.5 supposed to work with Frama-C Magnesium?
The installation instructions for E-ACSL still read "Frama-C = Sodium-20150201
  (no warranty that this plug-in works with a more recent version of Frama-C)".

I've tried updating Frama-C and E-ACSL through OPAM, but E-ACSL description in OPAM requires the previous version of Frama-C. After changing the E-ACSL metadata I could get it installed, but running "frama-c -e-acsl" reported "option ... is unknown".

I've also tried to install E-ACSL plug-in manually, but running ./configure reports "configure: WARNING: e_acsl disabled because rtegen unknown." after which running "make" does nothing.
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George Karpenkov (reporter)

I've tried changing e-acsl "configure" script not to try to search for "rtegen", as it can't find it for some reason.
Now I'm hitting actual backwards incompatibility:

File "dup_functions.ml", line 284, characters 4-24:
Error: The constructor GVarDecl expects 2 argument(s),
       but is applied here to 3 argument(s)

The Frama-C changelog even conveniently highlights this change:

o! Kernel [2015/03/10] AST change: split GVarDecl into GVarDecl and GFunDecl


signoles (manager)

E-ACSL 0.5 is not compatible with Magnesium.

A new Magnesium-compatible release of E-ACSL is ready to be released but one issue with our website currently prevent us to put it online. It will be done as soon as possible.


signoles (manager)

Fixed in E-ACSL 0.8 compatible with Frama-C Silicon.

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