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0001696Frama-CPlug-in > E-ACSLpublic2014-09-15 17:20
Assigned Tosignoles 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Neon-20140301 
Summary0001696: warning: E_ACSL function 'initialize' called with null pointer - seems to affect the behavior
DescriptionThe file cpt.c contains a function. cpt.c alone is instrumented with e-acsl.

Then the main.c file calls this instrumented function.

When running the obtained binary, it prints this warning.
Steps To ReproduceRun the script run.me
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signoles (manager)

Your example is not standalone:

In file included from cpt.c:3:0:
cpt.h:9:46: fatal error: /usr/local/include/lustrec/arrow.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
[kernel] user error: failed to run: gcc -C -E -I. -DE_ACSL_MACHDEP=x86_64 -I/usr/local/share/frama-c/libc -o '

Could you provide the missing file?


ploc (reporter)

New archive with all missing files


signoles (manager)

Thanks for the new archive. I reproduced the issue.


signoles (manager)

There is actually no bug in E-ACSL here. You analyze a partial application in which the `main` is missing. This `main` initializes the variable `main_mem` which was unknown when running E-ACSL but which must be monitored. So the instrumentation is incomplete because the `main` should be modified to monitor this variable. That is why you get the warning at runtime.

If you provide the file main.c when running E-ACSL, there is no issue (after applying the workaround of bts 0001695).

Arguably, the documentation could be clarified. That is why I don't close this BTS entry.


signoles (manager)

Manual was clarified.


signoles (manager)

Fixed in E-ACSL v0.4.1.

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