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0000090Frama-CPlug-in > slicingpublic2009-05-20 14:132014-02-12 16:53
Assigned Toyakobowski 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Fluorine-20130401 
Summary0000090: Remove generated annotations from slicing results
DescriptionWe should only keep user annotations : generated annotations will be regenerated by the analysis of the new project.
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related to 0000690closed yakobowski Slicing does not preserve some ACSL constructs 
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2009-05-20 16:02   
I cannot see why this is a good idea.

The new project may not be analyzed with an annotation generator. I see no reasons to fore anyone to do it.
2009-05-20 16:08   
This is related to the new option [-slicing-keep-annotations] added for Dillon after a long discussion (see Patrick or Pascal to have more information on that).

We can do the above processing only if this option is on if you prefer, but it seemed to me that it is a good idea to do it all the time... but I will not fight for that ;-)
2011-10-27 15:43   
Should we close this one ?
2012-01-18 23:39   
Given that more and more plugins are generatint annotations, it is becoming complicated to regenerate them. Thus I'm closing this bug, but feel free to reopen it if someone has a use case.
2013-01-08 10:40   
There are currently some limitations with annotations that are alarms. In some cases, an annotation remains, but the statement has been removed. Moreover the alarm table of the new project is not synchronized with the kept annotations. Restarting e.g. RTE on the new project results in twice the same annotation.
2013-01-09 16:17   
Your friend is:
Alarms.find: code_annotation -> alarm option

Furthermore, when an annotation is removed, so is the corresponding alarm (if any). Should be enough to do what you want right now.
2013-01-19 12:46   
Alarms, either generated by RTE or Value will be removed. It is too much work to synchronize the alarms table on the ( created) project generated by Slicing. We would need a lot of dedicated code to re-register the new alarms correctly, and I'm reluctant to do that without a clear need.

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