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Frama-C Carbon-20110201 
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0000835: Aggregate logic types containing only C types
According to section 2.2.7 of current ACSL implementation documentation it would be possible to use for example arrays of integers: "Aggregate types can be declared in logic, and their contents may be any logic types themselves." but when trying so, we got an error "not a C type". Looking at type logic_type in cil/src/cil_types.mli I understand that actually implementing what the documentation says may require a non negligible amount of work and I don't expect it anytime soon. But putting a "not yet implemented" warning or something like that in the implementation documentation would be nice.
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Actually this is flagged as unimplemented in section 2.6.8 (fig. 2.16) which deals specifically with concrete logic types. Admittedly, section 2.2.7 should refer to this.
2014-02-12 16:59   
Fix committed to stable/neon branch.