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0000687Frama-CKernelpublic2011-01-25 09:482018-09-05 16:33
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0000687: Losing some cmdline option settings when loading
Running "./bin/viewer.opt -val t.c", then clicking on "Execute": ok -val is correctly set.

BUT running "./bin/toplevel.opt -val -save t.sav t.c" followed by "./bin/viewer.opt -load t.sav", then clicking on "Execute": KO -val is not set anymore.

This behavior only exists for (what is internally called) 'action' parameters. Actually we must precise the exact semantics, and then implement it consistently.
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2011-09-30 10:54   
Seem that we agree on a general quite-nice solution. Not to be implemented in Nitrogen however.
2018-09-05 16:33   
Most of the issues have been fixed. No one complains since a while about that ==> close it.