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0000635Frama-CKernelpublic2010-12-09 10:322014-02-12 16:55
Frama-C Boron-20100401 
Frama-C Carbon-20110201 
0000635: losing messages doing save/load
The option "-save" is efficient to save state of the projet, for example, values computed by the value analysis. We are able to retrieve these values in an other session with the "-load" option. But it seems that warnings previously displayed in "message" tab are lost in the opened project.
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c test.c (102) 2010-12-13 10:55
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2010-12-09 16:40   
I tried to reproduce your issue on a single example but it works as expected: the "message" tab contains the same message after -load than before -save. Please could you give us an example with all the necessary infos in order to be able to reproduce your issue?
2010-12-13 10:53   
(edited on: 2010-12-13 10:55)
On my small example, it works fine when i save the session throw the gui, but it does not work with the following batch command : frama-c -val test.c -save test1.session frama-c-gui -load test1.session the exemple c file is in attachment.
2010-12-13 10:59   
OK. I understand your issue now. When you execute Frama-C via the batch command, the messages are not stored by Frama-C (thus not saved and then not reloaded). That's a feature, not a bug :). Thus I classify your issue as a "feature request".
2010-12-13 12:22   
I undestand now, ok for a feature (an intersting feature).
2010-12-21 17:40   
This feature is now implemented. You have to use the new option -collect-messages like this: $ frama-c -collect-messages -val test.c -save test1.session $ frama-c-gui -load test1.session