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0000620Frama-CKernelpublic2010-11-05 15:112010-12-17 19:35
Frama-C Boron-20100401 
Frama-C Carbon-20101201-beta1 
0000620: Default assigns generation
Today, Frama-C kernel generates assigns clauses from the prototype (for function without code). To do nothing is equivalent to virtually generate "assigns everything". That is not good for some static analysis (such as Value analysis). When behaviors are completes and each of them has an assigns clause, it is possible to generate a more restrictive clause (than "assigns everything"), but still correct: "assigns locs;" where "locs" is the union of the locations assigned by all behaviors of the complete clause.
With this example, the clause "assigns *b" can be added to the default behavior. requires \valid(b); behavior positive: assumes a > 0; assigns *b; ensures *b == 0; behavior not_positive: assumes a <= 0; assigns \nothing; complete behaviors; disjoint behaviors; */ void foo(int a, int* b);
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