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0000612Frama-CDocumentation > ACSLpublic2010-10-18 17:482014-02-12 16:55
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Summary0000612: Mention that invariant does not hold after for-loop
DescriptionThe ACSL-1.4 reference, available from, explains on p.35-36 where the invariant of a for-loop shall hold as follows: ``The predicate I holds ... right after the initialization expression ...; ­for a for (init; c; step) s loop, I must be preserved by the side-effects of c followed by s followed by step''.
While this is possibly the most compact explanation, it is based on the transformation of "for (init;c;step) s" into "init; while (1) { int C=c; if(!C) break; s; step; }", which seems to be rather unusual. As a consequence, the for-loop invariant does not hold after normal termination, if c has side-effects (cf. attached demonstration program).
This unexpected fact should be mentioned in the ACSL reference.
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