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0000552: Checking number of arguments passed to C functions
There currently isn't much checking of function arguments in the front-end. The following program is accepted, although it passes the wrong number of arguments for both calls to retint: int retint(int x ) { int __retres ; __retres = 42 + x; return (__retres); } int main(int c ) { int x ; int tmp ; x = retint(); tmp = retint(c,c); return (tmp); } Arguments for not implementing this feature: there are perfectly good compilers to check for this, and not having rigid rules in place may even help with older code containing variadic functions. I am not sure when the current convention for declaring variadic functions became standardized, and it may not have been from the beginning.
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Regarding variadic functions, according to wikipedia, C89 already had this feature. Old-style definition of variadic functions (as authorized by POSIX) are quite similar.