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0000448Frama-CPlug-in > slicingpublic2010-04-13 08:372014-02-12 16:55
Frama-C GIT, precise the release id 
Frama-C Carbon-20101201-beta1 
0000448: invariant with quantifier not kept in computed slice
On the following code: void L (float u,int nn, float dabs[], float *y) { int ii; /*@ loop invariant (\forall integer k; 0<=k u<=dabs[k]); */ for (ii = nn-2; ii >= 0; ii--) *y = u - dabs[ii+1] * 2.0; //@slice pragma expr *y; } analyzed with: frama-c -slicing-keep-annotations -slice-pragma L -slice-print -ocode L_sliced.c -main L -lib-entry l.c the computed slice does not contain the invariant. (Please note that the invariant annotation is not relevant nor provable, but just illustrates the problem met)
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2010-04-14 12:48   
The loop invariant is now in the slice when the -slicing-keep-annotations option is used. Maybe it should also be kept without the option, but the data needed by dabs[k], with k being a logical variable, is difficult to compute.
2010-04-16 08:44   
Fixed in rev 8438 : keeping the annotation without option -slicing-keep-annotations is another feature request.