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0002501Frama-CPlug-in > wppublic2020-03-10 11:442020-06-12 08:59
Linux, macOS
Frama-C 20-Calcium 
Frama-C 21-Scandium 
0002501: error in generated proof obligation
The attached file 'issue.c' contains a simplified (but still not very small) example of an issue I have within ACSL by Example. There is lemma R_2 for the logic function R. The definition of R uses the logic function F contained in the axiomatic block A. When trying to verify R_2 with the command line below I obtain the message [Why3 Error] anomaly: Failure("Can't find 'L_F' in why3 namespace") frama-c -wp -wp-prover alt-ergo -wp-prover native:coq issue.c [kernel] Parsing issue.c (with preprocessing) [wp] Warning: native support for coq is deprecated, use tip instead [wp] 2 goals scheduled [wp] [Failed] Goal typed_lemma_R_2 Alt-Ergo 2.3.1: Failed [Why3 Error] anomaly: Failure("Can't find 'L_F' in why3 namespace") Coq: Unknown [wp] [Cache] found:1 [wp] Proved goals: 1 / 2 Qed: 0 Coq: 0 (unknown: 1) Alt-Ergo 2.3.1: 1 (10ms) (23) (cached: 1) (failed: 1) When looking at the generated verification condition with Coq I found the following: The generated hypothesis 'FixL_R' uses of course the function 'L_F'. However, the necessary import clause 'Require Import A_A.' comes only AFTER the definition of 'FixL_R'.
There is a work-around by calling the helper function 'Fix' in the definition of R (see the comment in the code). The problem also "disappears' if lemma 'R_1' is removed (but I don't have this option). While looking at this problem, I noticed that in general coq definitions and import clauses are interspersed in the verification conditions...
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2020-05-09 16:45   
With 20.0+dev (Calcium), installed early May 2020 from, the error is still present.
2020-05-12 17:12   
(edited on: 2020-05-12 17:27)
The problem has been fixed. The fix will be available in the next release (and in the upcoming bĂȘta) but not immediately in the public development version.