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0002480Frama-CPlug-in > clangpublic2019-10-03 21:282019-10-06 02:16
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Linux x86_64Ubuntu18.04.3 LTS
Frama-C 19-Potassium 
0002480: Syntax error in after running make
I am trying to follow the instructions at to install Frama-Clang. However, I get a "Syntax error" after I run make: $ make Generating .Makefile.plugin.generated Ocamlc intermediate_format.cmi Ocamlc intermediate_format_parser.cmi Ocamlc intermediate_format_parser.cmo Ocamlc frama_Clang_option.cmi Ocamlc frama_Clang_option.cmo Ocamlc fclang_datatype.cmi Ocamlc fclang_datatype.cmo Ocamlc reorder_defs.cmi Ocamlc reorder_defs.cmo File "", line 310, characters 6-10: Error: Syntax error /data/loewenheim/a/gpajela/.opam/default/share/frama-c/Makefile.generic:77: recipe for target 'reorder_defs.cmo' failed make: *** [reorder_defs.cmo] Error 2
I am using Frama-C 19.0 Potassium, which I installed using opam pin. I am using version 2.0.4 of opam. I am using the default versions of OCaml and Clang for this version of Ubuntu: OCaml 4.05.0 and clang version 6.0.0.
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2019-10-04 15:15   
Indeed, this file inadvertently uses a construction that only appeared in OCaml 4.06.0. If it's possible for you, the quickest workaround would be to opam switch to a newer version of OCaml. Of course, arguably Frama-Clang should support the same OCaml versions than Frama-C, hence OCaml 4.05 as well. We'll try to propose something in the next release.
2019-10-06 02:16   
After installing OCaml 4.06.0 using opam and trying again, there appear to be no errors. Thanks!