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0002465: Can we calculate or extract metrics from program dependency graph generated by frama-c
I generate program dependency graphs of c code by using frama-c. Now I have to extract or calculate metrics from these program dependency graphs for further processing. Can frama-c calculate metrics from program dependency graphs?
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I'm sorry, the Mantis BTS (Bug Tracker System) is intended for bug reports, not for general advice and information about Frama-C. You have already asked very similar questions in many different channels (StackOverflow, Github, Frama-C mailing list), some of which are more appropriate for this kind of questions. The lack of answers probably means either that the question is too broad, or due to it being summer, people are not available for answering it. The short answer is "it is possible to use Frama-C to calculate metrics for dependency graphs, but it requires programming your own script/plugin in OCaml".