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0002463: Error in frama-clang make file
I am trying to install frama-clang by following the instruction given on this website. However when I run make the following errors comes ~/Desktop/frama-clang-0.0.6$ make ocamlfind ocamlc -c -I . -I "/usr/lib"/frama-c/plugins -package findlib -package ocamlgraph -package num -package unix -package str -package dynlink -package bytes -package zarith -w -a -bin-annot -strict-sequence -safe-string -g -I ""/usr/lib"/frama-c" File "", line 84, characters 15-24: Error: Unbound constructor ASinteger Hint: Did you mean Linteger or LTinteger? /usr/share/frama-c/Makefile.generic:77: recipe for target 'convert_acsl.cmo' failed make: *** [convert_acsl.cmo] Error 2 I do not understand, please give me some suggestions to solve these problems.
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Which version of Frama-C are you using to compile Frama-Clang? frama-clang.0.0.6 is only compatible with Frama-C 17.1. If you're using opam, you'll have to pin it to this version (opam pin add frama-c 17.1).