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0002458Frama-CKernel > configurepublic2019-06-20 01:492019-06-20 09:15
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0002458: build failure due to mangled variable assignment in Makefile
here's the patch: Index: Makefile.generating --- Makefile.generating.orig +++ Makefile.generating @@ -153,8 +153,8 @@ endif ifeq ($(HAS_OCAML408),yes) DYNLINK_INIT=fun () -> () FORMAT_STAG=stag - FORMAT_STRING_OF_STAG=match s with\n\ - | Format.String_tag str -> str\n\ + FORMAT_STRING_OF_STAG=match s with \ + | Format.String_tag str -> str \ | _ -> raise (Invalid_argument "unsupported tag extension") FORMAT_STAG_OF_STRING=Format.String_tag s else The \n quoting does not work on GNU make 4.2.1. I get FORMAT_STRING_OF_STAG='match s withn | Format …` The GNU make manual recommends to use the 'define' keyword to assign multi-line values to make variables, but why bother? We don't need the linebreaks, do we?
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I suspect that the issue is more a difference between GNU and BSD sed (as the variable is used in a sed command), but in any case you're right, we do not really need the linebreaks (in fact, for purely aesthetics reasons this will also mean getting rid of the first pipe `|` in the pattern matching). Thanks for the patch anyway.