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0002457Frama-CKernel > configurepublic2019-06-20 00:502019-06-20 14:18
Assigned Tovirgile 
Platformamd64OSOpenBSDOS Version6.5
Product VersionFrama-C GIT, precise the release id 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002457: configure does not detect gtksourceview due to wrong path
DescriptionThis is on 19.0-beta2.
due to looking in the wrong directory, gtksourceview is not found.
Diff can be found in `Additional Information`
Additional InformationIndex:
@@ -975,8 +975,8 @@ else
- [$SOURCEVIEW_PATH/lablgtksourceview2.$LIB_SUFFIX,
- $SOURCEVIEW_PATH/lablgtk3_sourceview3.$LIB_SUFFIX],
                   [lablgtksourceview not found],

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2019-06-20 08:55   
SOURCEVIEW_PATH is intended to be the path where the sourceview library is installed (while it is equal to $LABLGTKPATH_FOR_CONFIGURE in lablgtk2, this is not necessarily the case in lablgtk3, hence the distinction between the two variables). Thus I think that a proper fix would be to ensure that SOURCEVIEW_PATH has an appropriate value in the first place. Could you check whether the following patch solves your issue? If not, could you provide the content of config.log?

diff --git a/ b/
index 1c508452c3..385594f975 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -967,7 +967,7 @@ if test "$SOURCEVIEW_PATH" = ""; then
        echo "Ocamlfind -> using $LABLGTK_PATH"
   echo "ocamlfind -> using $LABLGTK_PATH"
2019-06-20 13:36   
Thanks, I removed my patch, applied yours and it configures fine.
2019-06-20 14:18   
Cool. Many thanks for the feedback.

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