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0002404: Shape of VC depends on selection of properties
WP allows to select properties by using the option -wp-prop. I have noticed the following: When selecting a property 'foo' by -wp-prop=foo, sometimes all VCs that belong to that property are verified. However, when I wish to verify all properties, some VC's of the property 'foo' are not verified. This might be caused by the fact that the the actual "shape" of a VC appears to depend on -wp-prop. (I attach an example of the slight differences between a VC that belongs to a certain property "foo" depending on whether -wp-prop=foo is used or not.) This of course defeats somehow the purpose of using -wp-prop and it would be a welcome feature if the generation of a VC of a property 'foo' is not affected by "-wp-prop=foo".
Is this maybe a problem of Qed? Also, if there are several ways to generate/simplify a VC, it would be nice if one chooses one that has a higher likelihood to be verified.
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This is a bad and unwanted side-effects or how VCs are computed nowadays. Actually, this is due to how new Qed variable are generated on a lazy basis. The new VC engine is more robust regarding this problem, but it is still under development.
2018-10-09 10:03   
Under development means that it will not be ready for Argon?
2018-10-09 10:14