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0000240Frama-CPlug-in > jessiepublic2009-09-11 15:512010-12-22 18:04
Frama-C Beryllium-20090901 
Frama-C Carbon-20101202-beta2 
0000240: Problems with solver configuration
Using the prover named alt-ergo v 0.9 no proof can be computed. Why-config recognizes alt-ergo as version 0.9 correctly. Solution?!: Renaming alt-ergo to ergo, the proof can be computed. In both cases the GUI shows version 0.8 instead of 0.9. But, since alt-ergo and ergo are both valid, which will be used? (I would like to be able to add multiple version of alt ergo and to distinguish them by the names I have given them .)
using multiple versions of the same prover will be available in Why3, released in december. This will not be available in Why2
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This one concernes the GUI of the jessie plugin.
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Available in Why3.