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Frama-C 17-Chlorine 
0002393: Frama-C GUI manual
Is there any detailed (stepwise) manual about GUI of Drama-C?
May be I'm missing some points but Could we edit/write new files within GUI interface? GUI seems to be not very user friendly...

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2018-08-09 11:04   
Besides Chapter 9 in the Frama-C user manual (which describes a few parts of the GUI), there is no specific guide for the GUI.

In a blog post about using the Eva plug-in ( [^]), I mentioned that:

> You should consider Frama-C/Eva as a command-line tool with a viewer (the GUI). The Frama-C GUI is not an IDE (e.g. you cannot edit code with it), and Eva does not use the GUI for anything else other than rendering its results.

Other plug-ins (such as WP) use the GUI much more effectively, but editing the code is still not possible.

Third-party plug-ins have been developed to integrate Frama-C into other IDEs, such as Eclipse, but for the most part they are not open source.

A new GUI architecture is under development and editing code may be possible in the future, but in Frama-C 17 (Chlorine), the GUI does not allow editing the source code.
2018-08-09 11:10   
Also note that a general "GUI manual" does not necessarily make sense, since each plug-in extends the GUI in a different manner, and uses its features in a specific way. So, at best you will find a plug-in guide incorporating some description of the GUI features it adds/uses.

For instance, the Eva user manual ( [^]) incorporates one chapter dedicated to its use of the GUI. The WP manual ( [^]) also has a section on some of its GUI features.

The GUI is constantly evolving and some features are not detailed in the manuals, so if there is a specific task that you would like to accomplish (other than editing the code), there may be something available to help you.
2018-08-09 11:17   
Ok...That makes sense.
Thank you for all the references.