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Frama-C 17-Chlorine 
0002392: request of clarification about using the address of a formal argument
In 0002390 the issue was raised whether functions contracts such as

/*@ requires
    ensures \false; */
void f(int a) {
  return ;

are meaningful.
More specifically, the ACSL manual should clarify whether using the address of a formal argument in a precondition is illegal.
(When I see that WP uses such a precondition to verify \false, them I am all in for disallowing it.)

Of course, it would also be nice if Frama-C (the kernel?) would issue a diagnostics.
The question also came up about using the address of a formal argument in a postcondition.
For the time being, I don't see it as a meaningful feature.
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This issue is about ACSL semantics and has been ported on ACSL's github repository at [^]
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@jens, sorry if I wasn't clear, but I meant opening an issue on ACSL's new home on github, not here.