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0002328Frama-CPlug-in > E-ACSLpublic2017-09-08 13:292017-12-06 09:10
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i386linuxdebian sid
Frama-C 15-Phosphorus 
Frama-C 16-SulfurFrama-C 16-Sulfur 
0002328: compilation fails on i386 with gcc-7
we have a compilation failure of frama-c on i386. A complete log of an attempt to compile can be found here: Please note that the default compiler on debian sid is gcc-7.
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2017-09-08 13:37   
Thanks for reporting this bug. It is related to the jemalloc library which is not used anymore by E-ACSL. We will check that there is no other issue under debian unstable and gcc-7 before the next release.
2017-09-15 10:30   
I get the impression from and that you fixed the problem yourself, excellent :-) I will let Julien comment on why this -C was used.
2017-09-15 11:15   
In fact it has been solved by Mehdi. BTW, you can see the result of the build attempts of the debian package by our autobuilders on as you can see, it has successfully build on all release architectures (these are the ones on a white ground)
2017-09-15 13:31   
Great! If you are interested in having a build for all architectures, you can use the configure option --disable-eacsl (for the architectures where the compilation of jemalloc fails).