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0002274Frama-CKernelpublic2017-01-19 11:122017-01-24 14:27
Max P. 
Frama-C 14-Silicon 
0002274: It is impossble to change log file without kinds of message changing.
I wanted to explore how the analysis settings affect the output messages. I changed settings and name of log file. But output messages were copied in the file that was pointed firstly. Only if kinds of messages are changed a new file is created.
In GUI do follows: 1. Set -kernel-log rw:kernel.log 2. Run analysis 3. Verify that a file kernel.log was created. 4. Set -kernel-log rw:kernel2.log 5. Run analysis 6. Verify that a file kernel2.log was not created, but the time of last modification of the kernel.log was changed. 7. Set -kernel-log ruw:kernel2.log 8. Run analysis 9. Verify that a file kernel2.log was created.
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2017-01-24 14:27   
Indeed, the update is not taking place as expected. I will investigate and see if it can be improved. Technical memo: - LogToFile is the only option currently using String_map; - From the description, changing the key results in an update, but not the value. - A workaround does exist: clear the input, click Execute, open the Analyses window again, put the new file name and click Execute.