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0002235Frama-CKernelpublic2016-06-21 22:352017-05-31 19:05
Frama-C Aluminium 
Frama-C 15-Phosphorus 
0002235: Functions that claim to return a struct but don't cause a crash
If a function returns a struct in its declaration, but it's method body does not return anything, Frama-C will warn about not finding a return value, and then crash. While the kernel does warn you this is an issue, no invalid operation on the user's part should cause a crash. Instead, it should cause a user error.
== File bug.c: struct s { int i; }; struct s foo() {} == Run command: frama-c bug.c == Output: [kernel] Parsing FRAMAC_SHARE/libc/__fc_builtin_for_normalization.i (no preprocessing) [kernel] Parsing bug.c (with preprocessing) bug2.c:5:[kernel] warning: Body of function foo falls-through and cannot find an appropriate return value bug2.c:5:[kernel] failure: Found return without value in function foo [kernel] Current source was: bug.c:5 The full backtrace is: Raised at file "src/kernel_services/plugin_entry_points/", line 583, characters 30-31 Called from file "src/kernel_services/plugin_entry_points/", line 577, characters 9-16 Re-raised at file "src/kernel_services/plugin_entry_points/", line 580, characters 15-16 Called from file "src/kernel_internals/typing/", line 246, characters 8-87 Called from file "src/kernel_internals/typing/", line 354, characters 22-54 Called from file "src/kernel_internals/typing/", line 361, characters 13-35 Called from file "src/kernel_services/ast_queries/", line 891, characters 6-26 Called from file "", line 73, characters 12-15 Called from file "src/kernel_services/ast_queries/", line 1143, characters 5-43 Called from file "src/kernel_services/ast_queries/", line 1579, characters 2-22 Called from file "src/kernel_services/ast_queries/", line 1666, characters 4-27 Called from file "src/kernel_services/ast_data/", line 111, characters 2-28 Called from file "src/kernel_services/ast_data/", line 123, characters 53-71 Called from file "src/kernel_internals/runtime/", line 29, characters 6-20 Called from file "src/kernel_services/cmdline_parameters/", line 787, characters 2-9 Called from file "src/kernel_services/cmdline_parameters/", line 817, characters 18-64 Called from file "src/kernel_services/cmdline_parameters/", line 228, characters 4-8 Frama-C aborted: internal error. Please report as 'crash' at Your Frama-C version is Aluminium-20160501. Note that a version and a backtrace alone often do not contain enough information to understand the bug. Guidelines for reporting bugs are at:
Tested with Aluminum on Linux 64-bit.
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2016-12-08 10:23   
Indeed. This is a limitation of Frama-C, that does not allow a function declared as non-void to *not* return something. We will turn the crash into a hard error.
2016-12-12 10:02   
Fixed by commit b6ab86c71f70542a73b705bb5d60f2492e87663e