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0002184Frama-CPlug-in > wppublic2015-11-02 10:192016-01-26 13:41
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0002184: memory leak (endless recursion?) caused by erroneous c program
Running "frama-c 10.c" on the attached program causes frama-c to allocate a rapidly increasing amount of memory, until it crashes with the unbuntu-message "Fatal error: out of memory." Apparently, it performs an endless recursion. The program "10.c" is erroneous and nonsensical, and originates from a "creduce" experiment with a poor test script. However, it may be worth to eliminate the endless recusion, anyway?
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c 10.c (34) 2015-11-02 10:19
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2015-11-02 11:27   
Thanks for your report. This bug is actually already fixed in our development version. The fix will be part of the next public release. The kernel now fails with the following error message: ===== 10.c:1:[kernel] user error: field is declared with incomplete type struct S5 [kernel] user error: type struct S5 is circular =====