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0002163Frama-CKernelpublic2015-09-16 10:052016-06-21 15:37
Frama-C Sodium 
0002163: Namespace through packs - packing frama-c cmx into a cmxa
It would be great if you could add an extra -for-pack FramaC to each byte/native code file compilation. A way to do it, is to call the makefile with FRAMAC_USER_FLAGS="-for-pack FramaC" make But the Makefile.plugin has to be modified to name its pack FramaC.PLUGIN_NAME This would enable the construction of a packed framaC.cmx and then a library framaC.cmxa.
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related to 0002162assigned bobot Compilation of kernel native cmx is messed up with plugin makefile 
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2015-09-16 10:07   
Sorry I just discovered that the FRAMAC_USER_FLAG is not yet available in Sodium.