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0002155: coq fails to compile Cint because Zbits is not found
As described in, I get the same error message that Cint can't be compiled because Zbits isn't compiled yet. I'm getting this on a Debian system. I attached a patch based on the mail that seems to fix the issue for me.
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patch wp.driver.patch (523) 2015-09-02 21:11
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2015-09-18 08:13   
In fact "Cint.v" is reusing some trivial lemmaes wich are into "Bits.v". But I don't see why "Zbit.v" have to be moved from "cbits" library to "cint" library. The patch fixes the problem. The good way to correct that is to rewrite the trivial two lemmaes about two_power_nat into "Cint.v" since there no good reason that "cint" library requires "Bit.v".
2015-10-08 14:53   
Fix committed to master branch.