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0000211Frama-CKernelpublic2009-08-04 11:512014-02-12 16:56
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Frama-C Beryllium-20090901 
0000211: "make doc" error
I would like to use the doc, but when making: make doc I obtain the error: make: *** Pas de règle pour fabriquer la cible « bin/viewer.byte », nécessaire pour « doc ». Arrêt. I also try: make doc-kernel But with no more result: Ocamldoc Kernel Documentation Error while loading file doc/code/docgen.cmo: doc/code/docgen.cmo: No such file or directory make: *** [doc-kernel] Erreur 1 Finally I cannot manually compile doc/code/, since I don't have Odoc_module. Is this module present only in Ocaml 3.11 ? I have Ocaml version 3.10.2. Thx, Nicolas
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* "make doc" should now work even if the GUI is not enable * "make doc-kernel" assumes that all the documentation stuff is already up-to-date (all the cmo already compiled and so on) * how do you compile doc/code/ "make doc/code/" should work (even with ocaml 3.10.2)
2009-08-04 13:26   
Thanks for your help :) Now "make doc/code/" works well and "make doc" starts. However, there is another error (due to gui ?). Here is the trace: $ make doc Ocamlc doc/code/docgen.cmo Ocamldoc Kernel Documentation Generating doc/code/occurrence/Occurrence.txt Ocamldoc doc/code/occurrence/ File "src/occurrence/", line 24, characters 0-18: Unbound module Pretty_source 1 error(s) encountered make[1]: *** [doc/code/occurrence/] Erreur 1 make: *** [doc] Erreur 2 my configuration is with static link of Jessie and aorai, but without lablgtk2.12. Thx, Nicolas.