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0002078: use of void* leads to type error in the PO generation
In the attached file, a function ptr is returning a void* value. This function is used to obtain pointers to int in various contexts (there was initially a difference between them, see issue 1945). WP does not generate any proof obligation, and outputs a warning saying Cast with incompatible pointers types (source: sint8*) (target: sint32*) I guess the problem is that void* gets converted to char* somehow (changing machine.sizeof_void for the current architecture does not modify the error message)
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c foo.c (366) 2015-02-16 17:58
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2015-06-29 17:15   
Need -wp-model cast to accept cast from different pointer types. However, this memory model is unsafe. It is unsound if you change the dynamic type of pointed values.
2015-06-29 17:15   
Use -wp-model and check for dynamic type with another plug-in.