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0001903Frama-CKernel > configurepublic2014-07-30 18:182014-08-04 15:44
Assigned Tosignoles 
PlatformOSGnu/linux DebianOS VersionDebian 3.14.12-1
Product VersionFrama-C Fluorine-20130601 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Neon-20140301 
Summary0001903: Configure fails for GNU Make 4.0
DescriptionFirst I should probably say that I use opam to install frama-C.
The configure file test whether the Make version is greater than 3.81 but it check that major version is >= 3 (which is ok) and that minor version is >= 81, which is not the case for the version 4.0
Steps To Reproduce./configure in an environment with version 4.0 of GNU Make
Additional Informationtest at line 2630 of the configure file should be modified.
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duplicate of 0001574closed virgile make version 4.0 is rejected 
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2014-07-30 18:31   
sorry I just found that it is already known :

But it would be nice to fix it in the opam repository ;)
2014-07-31 10:25   
It is fixed in the latest Frama-C version (aka Neon-20140301). This version is available in the Opam repo.
2014-07-31 15:40   
I see. The problem is that I use 'Why', which depends on the frama-c.20130601 package. So to be able to install it, I have to extract the frama-c archive downloaded by opam, patch the configure file, re-compress the directory and put it at the right place. which is not really convenient.
Would it be possible to fix the version 20130601 in the repository ?
2014-07-31 16:50   
Why is deprecated and is now replaced by Why3 (see Why3 is available through Opam and is compatible with the latest release of Frama-C (Neon-20140301).

I recommend that you switch from Why to Why3.

From our side, there is no plan to release a new version of Frama-C compatible with Fluorine (20130601).

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