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0001847: Problem with _Bool(when casting to int or with ?:)
In this example the ensures seems to be impossible to prove whereas it should be easy : //@ensures (!\result) == (!x); _Bool f(_Bool x) { _Bool y; return (y?x:x); } I put the bug in Wp category but it can be see as a framaC bug depending from where it comes from.
This must be due to the transformation of ?: into an if statement with an int local variable which lead more or less to a function like this that can't be proven : //@ensures (!\result) == (!x); _Bool g(_Bool x) { int t = x; return t; } This must be due to the lack of information about the cast. I think that the transformation of ?: should use a _Bool temp variable instead of an int. Or int cast should have a lemma like \forall _Bool x; (x != 0) <==> (((int) x) != 0);
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