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Frama-C Neon-20140301 
0001806: Error in coq code generated by wp
There is a typing error with some code generated by wp. For example this script : _Bool g() { return 0; } //@ensures x == (!!\result == !!x); _Bool f(_Bool x) { return g(); } When using prover coq from wp generates : Goal forall (f_0 x_0 : Z), ((is_uint32 f_0%Z)) -> ((is_uint32 x_0%Z)) -> ((((Zneq_bool 0 x_0)) = ((Zeq_bool ((Zneq_bool 0 f_0)) ((Zneq_bool 0 x_0)))))%Z)%Z. Proof. (* auto with zarith. *) Qed. which produce this coq error on "Zneq_bool 0 f_0": Error: In environment f_0 : int x_0 : int The term "Zneq_bool 0 f_0" has type "bool" while it is expected to have type "int".
Just use the C example with wp/coq as prover (with the gui for example because else wp consider that the script fails and does not print the error)
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