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0001800Frama-CKernelpublic2014-06-05 17:022014-06-06 00:15
Frama-C Neon-20140301 
0001800: Cannot use quotes in comments in annotations
When using the //@ annotations, a comment at the end that has an unmatched ' or " causes the kernel to report an error.
create file comment_parse.c: void f(){ //@assert \true;// Validates in 0'0" } Run: frama-c -cpp-command 'gcc -C -E' -pp-annot comment_parse.c Receive output: [kernel] preprocessing with "gcc -C -E -dD comment_parse.c" "comment_parse.c":5:[kernel] user error: Can't preprocess annotation: eof while parsing a char literal Annotation will be kept as is comment_parse.c:3:[kernel] user error: syntax error [kernel] user error: skipping file "comment_parse.c" that has errors. [kernel] Frama-C aborted: invalid user input. Removing the ' and " characters will cause no error to occur.
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