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0001712Frama-CKernelpublic2014-03-24 16:282014-03-24 18:10
0001712: Statically reject programs that jump over VLA declaration.
The following program contains UB (jumping over the declaration of t): int main(int c, char **v){ goto label; { char t[c]; f(t); label: return t[0]; } } It would be nice it was rejected by the front-end. This is not absolutely necessary, in the sense that Frama-C has historically focused on bugs not found by compilers and neglected those that could be found reliably by compilers (both GCC and Clang reject the program). But it would be nice.
[kernel] preprocessing with "gcc -C -E -I. t.c" t.c:4:[kernel] warning: Variable-sized local variable t t.c:5:[kernel] warning: Calling undeclared function f. Old style K&R code? /* Generated by Frama-C */ /* compiler builtin: void *__builtin_alloca(unsigned int); */ extern int ( /* missing proto */ f)(char *x_0); int main(int c, char **v) { int __retres; goto label; { char *t; unsigned int __lengthoft; { /*sequence*/ __lengthoft = (unsigned int)c; t = (char *)__builtin_alloca(sizeof(*t) * __lengthoft); } f(t); label: ; __retres = (int)*(t + 0); return __retres; } }
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