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0001647Frama-CPlug-in > wppublic2014-02-17 15:582015-03-17 22:17
Assigned Tocorrenson 
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Summary0001647: compatibility between \null in ACSL and NULL in C in wp
DescriptionI have tried to prove properties involving NULL pointers, and I had problem to write the ACSL part. Here is and example:
    ensures e1: \result == \null;
    ensures e2: \result == 0;
    ensures e3: \result == (int *) \null;
    ensures e4: \result == (int *) 0;
    ensures e5: \result == (int *)((void *)0);
int * f (void) {
  return NULL;

None of the properties are proved with the default memory model.
I finally manage to prove them with: -wp-model Typed+cast

Since NULL is used very often in programs, even with a clean typing, maybe something could be done for this special case ? Just a suggestion... ;-)
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2014-06-02 13:58   
Fix committed to master branch.

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