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0001636Frama-CPlug-in > E-ACSLpublic2014-01-30 13:282015-06-08 14:23
Frama-C Fluorine-20130601 
Frama-C SodiumFrama-C Sodium 
0001636: E-ACSL: executes "__store_block()" but never "__delete_block()"!
E-ACSL translation of a simple printf like: printf("###"); results in the following code: char *__e_acsl_literal_string; __e_acsl_literal_string = "###"; __store_block((void *)__e_acsl_literal_string,sizeof("###")); __full_init((void *)__e_acsl_literal_string); __literal_string((void *)__e_acsl_literal_string); printf(__e_acsl_literal_string); The "__store_block()" function allocates memory, but there is no "__delete_block()" function in order to deallocate the memory! Consider a periodic execution of printf()... On my ARM processor with 1024KByte Flash and 160KByte RAM, this malloc without free will end up in the following error: "assertion "new_leaf != NULL" failed: file "e-acsl/memory_model/e_acsl_bittree.c", line 256, function: __add_element" malloc without free! :O
E-ACSL translation of: int main(void) { int x = 0; /*@ assert x == 0; */ while(1) { printf("###"); } return 0; }
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2014-01-31 16:11   
After investigation, there is no simple fix to this bug. Just adding a "delete_block" at the end of the block containing the literal string does solve this issue, but may introduce RTE when verifying properties over strings. Safe solution: - add a pre-analysis to detect literal strings - allocate/initialize the corresponding generated variables at the beginning of the main - use them when the literal strings are used - deallocate them at the end of the main. That requires to fully re-implement the way of handling literal strings in the compilation scheme...
2014-01-31 16:13   
Additional info: the absence of "delete_block" corresponding to "store_block" only occurs for literal strings. It should not appear for other constructs.
2015-06-04 18:00   
(edited on: 2015-06-04 18:01)
Fixed in upcoming E-ACSL 0.5.