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0001454Frama-CKernel > configurepublic2013-07-08 02:252014-03-14 22:01
Frama-C Fluorine-20130601 
0001454: Configure script's autolocation of local OcamlGraph breaks out of tree builds
I prefer to build my software packages out of tree. My personal arrangement is to have one sources directory, and one builds directory. I would then run my packages configure script inside a subdirectory of the sources directory specifically for that package, and build from there. It is great that a version of OcamlGraph is distributed with Frama-C but unfortunately the configure script can only find it if the current directory is the source directory, and this breaks out of tree builds. The problematic line in appears to be: AC_CHECK_FILE($OCAMLGRAPH_LOCAL,OCAMLGRAPH_EXISTS=yes) This line could probable be fixed in multiple ways. There's probably an autoconf macro for looking for a file in the source directory that's better than AC_CHECK_FILE, or one could define OCAMLGRAPH_LOCAL to use the invocation of ./configure to locate the directory it's located in (which would be something like ("$(cd $(dirname $0) && pwd)/ocamlgraph".)
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The latest NEON version of frama-c also has similar problems with sed scripts (for example, one configure error for building out of tree is sed: couldn't open file bin/sed_get_make_major: No such file or directory)