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0001416Frama-CPlug-in > Evapublic2013-05-07 23:582014-07-28 18:34
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Frama-C GIT, precise the release id 
Frama-C Neon-20140301 
0001416: 22446: unknown sizes of types and value initialization
Commit 22446 transforms a crash when some types have unknown sizes into a clean exit, but there remains a problem with the test below: Sending src/value/ Transmitting file data . Committed revision 22446. ~/ppc $ cat t.c struct s; struct larger { struct s t[2]; int i; } v; int main(int c, char **v) { return 0; } ~/ppc $ bin/toplevel.opt -val t.c [kernel] warning: cannot load 5 plug-ins (incompatible with Fluorine-20130401+dev). Aorai; Obfuscator; Report; Security_slicing; Wp [kernel] preprocessing with "gcc -C -E -I. t.c" [value] Analyzing a complete application starting at main [value] Computing initial state t.c:6:[value] warning: during initialization of variable 'v', size of type 'struct s' cannot be computed (abstract type 'struct s') [value] Initial state computed [value] Values of globals at initialization [kernel] Current source was: t.c:6 The full backtrace is: Raised at file "cil/src/", line 4250, characters 40-64 Called from file "cil/src/", line 4763, characters 17-35 Called from file "src/project/", line 556, characters 17-22 Called from file "src/misc/", line 245, characters 37-66 Called from file "", line 86, characters 24-34 Called from file "src/misc/", line 242, characters 37-1023 Called from file "src/misc/", line 432, characters 4-58 Called from file "src/memory_state/", line 1726, characters 14-160 Called from file "src/memory_state/", line 424, characters 10-34 Called from file "", line 1166, characters 10-25 Called from file "", line 1166, characters 10-25 Called from file "src/lib/", line 89, characters 2-121 Called from file "", line 1166, characters 10-25 Called from file "src/value/", line 317, characters 6-176 Called from file "src/value/", line 567, characters 11-40 Re-raised at file "src/value/", line 583, characters 47-50 Called from file "src/project/", line 839, characters 9-13 Re-raised at file "src/project/", line 847, characters 15-18 Called from file "src/value/", line 82, characters 4-24 Called from file "", line 135, characters 6-20 Called from file "src/kernel/", line 37, characters 4-20 Called from file "src/kernel/", line 732, characters 2-9 Called from file "src/kernel/", line 212, characters 4-8 Unexpected error (Cil.SizeOfError("abstract type 'struct s'", _)). Please report as 'crash' at Your Frama-C version is Fluorine-20130401+dev. Note that a version and a backtrace alone often do not contain enough information to understand the bug. Guidelines for reporting bugs are at: ~/ppc $
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