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0001368Frama-CKernelpublic2013-02-14 14:472016-07-05 17:17
Assigned Tovalentin.perrelle 
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Product VersionFrama-C Oxygen-20120901 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Aluminium 
Summary0001368: suggest to suppress "Neither code nor specification" warning for __builtin_va_start
DescriptionRunning "frama-c -val ftest.c" on the attached program results in a "[kernel] warning: Neither code nor specification for function __builtin_va_start, generating default assigns from the prototype".
(1) it is impossible to provide a fully general definition of that function;
(2) providing a special version adapted to our example results in a declaration-mismatch error, (which disappears when the name is changed to e.g. "__builtin_va_star2", so the name "__builtin_va_start" is in fact known to Frama-C).
I suggest to suppress the former warning "Neither code nor specification..." for __builtin_va_start(), and similar for va_end(), etc.
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Attached Filesc ftest.c (313) 2013-02-14 14:47

2013-02-14 15:38   
__builtin_va_start is indeed a built-in known by Frama-C for some machdeps, including all those currently released. The correct user-accessible declaration is
extern void __builtin_va_start(__builtin_va_list);

With this declaration, the warning disappears. Note that calls to __builtin_va_(start|arg|end) are entirely ignored by value anyway.
2013-02-15 11:01   
Boris, thank you for your above note; your hints made our warnings about __builtin_va_xxx disappear. It may be sufficient to include these hints at an appropriate place in the Acsl manual.
2013-05-23 13:40   
This is not really related to ACSL, but to the plugins that need a spec for the _builtin_va_ functions. An internship related to variadic C functions is ongoing. Notice that _builtin_va_start and its friends are not proper C functions wrt. the types of their arguments, so we will need to change the AST anyway.
2015-08-03 20:20   
Variadic functions will be handled automatically in Frama-C Aluminium.
2016-07-05 17:17   
Builtin variadic (option -va) will transform variadic functions into non-variadic ones, and add specifications when possible. I'm not fond of Changing the ACSL manual because this issue is quite Frama-C centric.

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