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0001335Frama-CDocumentationpublic2012-12-17 21:002016-06-21 14:24
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0001335: new link to ACSL by Example
Due to the merge of Fraunhofer FIRST with Fraunhofer FOKUS there is a new URL for the "ACSL by Example" documents. I suggest to add the new URL on
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2012-12-18 13:42   
@Jens, In fact the current Frama-C web site has no direct link to the "ACSL by Example" document, but just one to I think it was because the link needed to be modified each time of new version of the document was issued. Ok, for adding your new direct link if you think the new URL is more stable.
2012-12-18 13:44   
A direct link the the "ACSL By Example" document has been added from the source of wp.html web page. The site web has to be updated to see the change.