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0001277Frama-CKernelpublic2012-09-20 12:012014-02-12 16:58
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Frama-C Oxygen-20120901 
Frama-C Fluorine-20130401 
0001277: Datatype.triple is missing
I used to have : Dynamic.register ... (Datatype.func Cil_datatype.Stmt.ty XXX.ty) with module XXX = Datatype.Triple (Datatype.List (Datatype.String)) (Datatype.List (Datatype.String)) (Datatype.List (Datatype.String)) but I guess that was wrong since in the new Oxygen version, it produces : "Invalid_argument(\"Descr.of_structural: inconsistent descriptor\")" when I load my plug-in. so now I am using : let ty = Datatype.triple (Datatype.list Datatype.string) (Datatype.list Datatype.string) (Datatype.list Datatype.string) instead of XXX.ty, and it is working, but I had to patch Datatype since it didn't define 'triple'. Could it be added in a next version, or is there another way of doing it ? Thanks.
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2012-09-20 16:01   
Workaround : module A = Datatype.List(Datatype.String) module XXX = Datatype.Triple(A)(A)(A) Anyway this workaround is more efficient than your original code.
2012-09-20 16:03   
As you suggested, Datatype.triple and Datatype.quadruple is also added to the Frama-C API by the same commit.
2014-02-12 16:58   
Fix committed to stable/neon branch.