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0001264Frama-CPlug-in > Evapublic2012-08-08 13:312013-04-19 11:05
Assigned Toyakobowski 
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Product VersionFrama-C Nitrogen-20111001 
Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Fluorine-20130401 
Summary0001264: Locations.valid_enumerate_bits enumerate invalid bits
DescriptionThe program below shows that valid_enumerate_bits can return Top intervals, even on bases where the validity is completely known. This defeats the purpose of the function, and can cause very subtle bugs with the "default" flag in Offsetmap_bitwise.

---------- many.c ----------------
struct s {
  int f1;
  int f2;

struct s t[10][10];

void main() {
  for (int i=0; i<10; i++) {
    for (int j=0; j<10; j++) {
      t[i][j].f1 = 1;
Command-line: frama-c -val many.c -out -plevel 80 -slevel 50

This combination of slevel/plevel will result in only one " more than foo elements to enumerate. Approximating." message, caused by the Out plugin.


[inout] Out (internal) for function main:
          t[..]; i; j

The expected output is t[0..9][0..9]; i; j

Additional InformationThe problem lies either in valid_enumerate_bits itself, or in Lattice_Interval_Set.from_ival_int
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2013-01-25 21:40   
Will probably be fixed if we merge Lmap and Lmap_bitwise into one implementation. We will inherit validity checks from Lmap/Offsetmap.
2013-02-08 19:45   
Original imprecision was indeed in Lattice_Interval_Set.from_ival_int

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