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0001261Frama-CPlug-in > wppublic2012-08-03 13:582014-02-12 16:53
Assigned Tocorrenson 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionFrama-C Oxygen-20120901 
Summary0001261: Modules defined twice during WP compilation.
DescriptionWith OCaml 4.0, a fully static compilation (option --with-all-static) results in the following error during the compilation of the WP. This prevents a full compilation, due to our warning-as-errors policy.

(This may impact the release for platforms on which dynamic link is not available.)

File "lib/plugins/gui/Wp.cma(Qed)", line 1:
Warning 31: files lib/plugins/gui/Wp.cma(Qed) and lib/plugins/Wp.cma(Qed) both define a module named Qed
File "lib/plugins/gui/Wp.cma(Wp)", line 1:
Warning 31: files lib/plugins/gui/Wp.cma(Wp) and lib/plugins/Wp.cma(Wp) both define a module named Wp
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2012-09-10 12:31   
Closed by commit 19806 (thanks JS!)

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